The Fijian Government Community Telecentre (GCT) Initiative has been nominated for the 2015 Project Prize by the World Summit On The Information Society (WSIS). Any Fijian who has used or benefited from these services is encouraged to vote for the GCT Initiative by visiting the WSIS Project Prizes 2015 Homepage: and clicking on the VOTE button. Create an account and verify your email account to login to WSIS: and click on the VOTE button. This will take you to the WSIS Project Prizes 2015 Voting page; select Category 4- “Government Community Telecentre (GCT) Programme Department of Communications, FIJI” from the list and click on the VOTE button. The deadline for voting is 1 May 2015. The WSIS Forum 2015 is the world’s largest gathering of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for the development community and will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. Fiji was the only South Pacific nation nominated for an award in the Capacity Building category and is among countries such as Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Thailand and the United States of America. The GCT Initiative was the result of Government’s objective to ensure that no Fijian is left behind in digital literacy due to socio-economic and geographic challenges. The Programme began in 2011 under the Ministry of Communications and there are now 26 sites which offer free access to ICT services in rural, maritime and urban communities all over Fiji. Usage statistics show that over 125,000 Fijians have used Telecentres for accessing these services.