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Shah Rukh's pal hits out at tabloid journalism
Shah Rukh Khan's biographer and close friend Mushtaq Sheikh, who has co-written films like 'Om Shanti Om' and "Billu", says he hates being used by those who have personal grievances against the superstar.

Furious at a media report that he and Shah Rukh had fallen apart, Mushtaq said the superstar was "very much family".

"I hate it when my friends are attacked. I mean how can you demean names like Farah Khan, Priyadarshan and Shah Rukh Khan all in one article without an iota of truth and get away," Mushtaq told IANS.

"This is tabloid journalism at its worst. I hate being used by somebody who has misused his pen to vent personal grievances against Shah Rukh."

Mushtaq, whose friendship with the superstar dates back more than a decade, recently released a book on Shah Rukh titled "Still Reading Khan".

"Malice? Desperation? You tell me what inspires muck-rakers and I will till you where this came from," said Mushtaq when questioned if Shah Rukh and he had indeed fallen out.

Doesn't he feel that in today's desperate times when movies are not releasing and news is hard to find, this is just one way for a section of media to grab attention and increase viewership?

"See, movies are releasing, and there is enough news out there, but it does depend on what kind of media you are and what you think are 'good stories'. Matter of fact, Shah Rukh is family and will continue to be one. People can imagine, say and write anything they want."
Rock On Screenplay Makes It to Oscar Archives
After featuring on the Rolling Stones’ Cover, Rock On has scaled new heights. The movie’s screenplay has been chosen for the Oscar archives.

“It’s a great high for me that the script of our first film in association with Big Pictures has found a place in the Oscar library,” “Rock On!!” producer Ritesh Sidhwani confirmed in a press release.

“We got overwhelming reactions from across the board and now the news of the script going to the Oscar Library. It can’t get better than this,” Sidhwani added.

According to Gregory Walsh, script librarian of Oscars, “The screenplay of Rock On will be made available for research to only actors, students, filmmakers and writers who are their regular patrons. The script will not be allowed for circulation outside the library premises and cannot even be photocopied.”

Samir Karnik’s Heroes is another movie to be chosen for the Oscar Archives that already contains a few popular film screenplays like that of Gandhi My Father, Sarkar Raj, Chak De India, Kal Ho Na Ho, Munnabhai M.B.B.S., Devdas and Lagaan.
Celina Jaitley’s Birthday Wishlist
Celina Jaitley has tasted a little bite of the so-called success of Golmaal Returns but she still feels she is unlucky, especially in love. She celebrated her 27th birthday on 24th November without the ’someone special’ in her life.

“So maybe for my birthday, god will grant me romance and love. About time I got lucky in love,” Celina told IANS.

Nevertheless, something good came up with the absence of love in her life. She spent her birthday partying with destitute girls at Regina Spaces she threw a party at the NGO premises for them.

“I threw a birthday party for my girls. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them smile. Wish my family was here.”

Celina’s family too couldn’t make it to Mumbai for the occasion and her pet dog made sure she doesnt have a peaceful day before her birthday.

“So for me it was not a very happy birthday. My parents left Mumbai and my dog didn’t take well to their absence. So she swallowed plastic. The entire day before my birthday the vet was trying to pull the plastic out of her throat. Not a very pleasant way to bring in my birthday.”

She didnt have anyone to gift her anything so she gifted herself a brand new BMW.

“I need that boost. I’ve been working hard and my ‘Golmaal Returns’ is a hit. So I need to indulge myself. I know a girl’s best friend are diamonds. But she needs a posh car to get to the jewellery store. So a BMW,” said Celina.

Its not always bad to be alone on birthdays isn’t it… especially if you can afford a BMW.
Saif Tatto’s Kareena’s Name On His Arm
Saif is out proclaiming his love for Kareena. The man is so madly in love that he has no qualms about this issue. We hear that Saif has got Kareena’s name tattooed in Devnagri on his arm at Hakim’s Alim in Bandra.

The man really took some pain searching and browsing through different calligraphic styles so as to finalize the shape of the tattoo.

Finally, after much resolution he walked into Hakim’s Alim in Bandra and sat for a two-three hour session to get Kareena’s name tattooed in Devnagari- an ancient Indian language.

The tattoo was reportedly done in indelible ink. And this is not the end the couple have cleverly planned their schedules and left for Greece on Friday, January 4, so as to spend time together alone there before other crew members of Tashan- their new film together, catch up with them for a shooting schedule there.

And this is not the end the couple have cleverly planned their schedules and left for Greece on Friday, January 4, so as to spend time together alone there before other crew members of Tashan- their new film together, catch up with them for a shooting schedule there.
Amritha Visits A Striptease Bar
Amrita Rao who is known for her decent and naïve like attitude surprised everybody by visiting a striptease bar.

Though underage the lady got in by paying an extra 10 dollars. Accompanied by two of her friends she ventured out on the streets

And after witnessing the scenes within, Amrita promised herself that this was the first and last time she would be visiting a striptease bar.

She literally for the first time saw women stripping from top to bottom. If that wasn’t enough the women also went on to perform nude pole dances.

The most embarrassing thing about the whole scene was the fact that she and her friend were the only girls in the room.

Well, poor thing!!!!
Excitement About Jodha Akbar
“Jodha Akbar” a UTV venture, is the most awaited film of the year. which is based on a romance between the 16th century Muslim Mughal emperor Akbar, played by Hrithik Roshan, and a Hindu princess, Jodha Bai, played by Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai.

Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, the movie will also be dubbed in Tamil and Telugu languages.

Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan states that all the actors in the movie ‘Jodha Akbar’ had worked very hard and had done the film with ‘full passion’.

What if Jodha Akbar failed like Asoka?????

To this question Ash stated “At certain times certain films do well…certain films do not do that well. It’s a very tricky thing.”

On the other hand bollywood movie star Hrithik Roshan says he deliberately choose this movie , as acting out the difficult role of the Mongol emperor in the new historical romance “Jodha Akbar” gave him an opportunity to excel as an actor.

“It is only when it seems to threaten the value of my job would I be consciously giving it my best,” he said.

Well, let’s wait and watch how this movie fares at the box office.
Madhuri Is Back
All the Madhuri Dixit fans its time to rejoice because Madhuri is back. Well, if you are wondering what I’m talking about, it’s the new movie starring Madhuri Dixit. The movie is a Yash Raj Productions and it is named ‘Aaja Nachle’ it will be great to see Madhuri back in action. The movie is set to be released on 30th November. The first look of the film was revealed first during the screening of CHAK DE INDIA, the promotion is now seeing a satellite kick start on a rocking note with the teasers dominating all the music channels. For all those who have not seen the teasers must keep looking forward in all the music channels to catch a glimpse of Madhuri.

This movie will surely rock, Not because it’s a Yash Raj Production But because it’s Madhuri’s comeback movie. I seriously can’t wait to see the Movie. So let us all wait for the magic of Madhuri to begin.
Kareena and Saif Spotted Together!
Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were spotted together in a Delhi Bar last week. Recently they were rumors that Kareena and long time boyfriend were splitting because Shahid had problem with Kareena Getting close to Saif. Since the news of their break-up started Kareena and Saif are spotted together in many hotspots of Mumbai. The two were not alone at the pug, giving them company were Amrita Arora, her boyfriend Usman Afzal and Karisma Kapoor’s husband Sanjay Kapur. Kareena and Saif were shooting for their upcoming movie ‘Tashan’ when the rumors started and ever since they have been linked up. The Kapoor beauty celebrated her birthday last month with a small party and selected friends, and you know who was also among her selected friends? Yes! You’re right it was Saif. The Chote Nawab has also broken up with his girlfriend Rosa and is currently single.


Saif and Kareena were seen roaming on the bike on the roads of Mumbai for the shooting of thier forthcomming movie ‘Tashan.’ Well, I don’t think Kareena will leave Shahid but she seems to be quite friendly with Saif. Do you think Saif and Kareena are seeing each other? Can’t say anything right now, but let’s wait and watch.
Rani Claims to Have 5 Kids
Shocking news for all the Bollywood fans, Rani Mukherjee claims to have 5 kids. Recently Rani launched a new range of crystal studded watches for Women. She was also dressed in accordance to the occasion as she wore a crystal studded blouse. The media caught her at the launch and questioned her about various issues. But this time Rani was not tensed to answer any of the questions posed by the media. She was much smoother in her talk, when asked about her relationship with Aditya Chopra and their Marriage plans, she said ‘You might not know but I have five children also. Go find them and I will reward you.’ Later on Rani also criticized the media with her own interpretation of reporting in the present times. She said that today reporters are just kids who hold pen and keep writing without any knowledge about what they are writing. She feels that these kind of people bring a bad name to experienced people.

After removing all her grudge against the media she was back in her graceful ways and natural star attitude. Does Rani really have 5 kids? Or else why would she make such a statement to the Media.

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