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Congratulation to Navua - USA IDC
Indian Reggae Band Planned in Northern California
Few former musicians from Suva and Lautoka now residing in California are planning to form an Indian reggae band.
Northern California has yet to see a Fiji based Indian reggae group to jam out in many receptions and parties held here. DJ’s are very prominent these days these musicians are sensing the urgency to show the partygoers the flavor of live music, the Bob Marley way.
Many may remember Fiji’s sensational reggae group Tru-Vibes when it first set the stage on fire with their ever solid number “aaj mausam bada baiman hai and age bhi jane na tu’. The innovation of traditional Indian beat reggae was very much appealing many music fanatics’.Tru-vibes was led by Lautoka guitarist and former Fiji soccer star Karuna Golapan.
Leading the group here in California is Karuna’s friend and school mate Jayant Singh(pictured); formerly of Flagstaff Suva. The former drummer turned guitarist has a long attachment to bands like The Sonnets, Devotion orchestra and The Mahatmas. Alongside Singh is former Empire old boys Bassist Raven Chand and Lautoka singer Saiyaz Ali.
A jam session was so impressive that booking for parties have already been sought. However the actual composition of the band is still pending .The group is auditioning some local musicians to fill in to make excite the group better said Singh.
“We will combine DJ music with the live band “said Singh. Even some ‘lok geet ’being practiced in reggae style to excite the crowd that will be further supplement by the DJ’s techno beats in the back drop. Those who had listened the group practice session have given raving reviews of the concept.
Singh who is also the Senior Editor Of USFijitmes is likely to have the papers backing in promoting the group and find further talents out there in the Indian community.

Schools contest in oratory
SC Fiji advocates rights and protection of children. Much of SC Fiji’s work is governed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) that was ratified by Fiji in 1993.

As part of an ongoing campaign to emphasize the importance and the right of a child to quality education, SC Fiji organized an Oratory Contests in the Central division with selected schools.

This Inaugural Oratory Contest was held in two categories, Category A for Primary schools and Category B for Secondary schools. Contest for the Central Division was held at International Secondary School Hall today the 24th of April, 2009. Following schools accepted our invitation and participated in the event.

Primary Category
1. Rishikul Primary
2. MGM Primary
3. Yat Sen Primary
4. Nehru Primary
5. Holy Trinity
6. AOG Primary
7. Gospel Primary
8. International Primary

Secondary Category
1. Rishikul College
2. DAV College
3. MGM High School

All contestants were awarded a certificate of participation and consolation gift packs by SC Fiji. The Winner received a trophy, winning certificate and gift packs.

The Winners were:

1. Rachael Nath of Gospel Primary School for Primary Category and

2. Christopher S. Lal of MGM High School for Secondary Category

A similar contest was held today as well in the Western Division and the winners are:

1. Sheemal Shivani of Toko Bhartiya Primary School for Primary Category and

2. Elisha Singh of Swami Vivekanant College for Secondary Category

The Northern Division Contest will be held on 1st May 2009 at Shri Gurunanak High School.

The Theme for the Contest was: “OUR RIGHT TO EDUCATION”
Grow and buy more local produce - PM
Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has called on families to grow more of their own food in view of the rising food prices.

Commodore Bainimarama has also urged people to buy more produce from local farmers.

“Fiji imports a whole range of produce which can be successfully grown and distributed locally and farmers should also take advantage of this and produce more.

“ Growing your own food means that ensuring access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food for all people at all times.

“ It is always healthy and cost effective to ensure there is sufficient supply of food crops for families on your land. This will also help you to save much needed cash for other priority purposes.”

PM Bainimarama has also requested the Ministry of Agriculture and NGO’s to provide training and support to encourage people to grow their own crops and vegetables especially those communities who are not currently growing their own produce but have sufficient land.

Commodore Bainimarama reiterated that Government is fully aware of the plight of ordinary members of the public regarding rising food prices. He said that everything within the powers of Government is being done to ensure reprieve to consumers.

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