Chrissy Teigen remarries John Legend in 'Four Weddings' style

Chrissy Teigen recreated her wedding with singer John Legend and it just proved that she is a true 'Four Weddings' fan. The 33-year old model introduced herself- Age- 33 years old, Budget- USD 20,000 and Theme- Russian Italian, on her Instagram story. She even decided to DIY her own wedding dress with a towel which she decorated with sparkling nail polish!

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) onJun 7, 2019 at 3:55pm PDT

In another story, she explained the reason why she wants to win the show, "I want to win because I want to get the free honeymoon and I want to sell it."

'Four Weddings' was a British TV series where four brides compete against each other to have the best wedding and the winner gets a free honeymoon.

Teigen then showed her wedding dress hanging at a window with her beautiful pair of heels.

Gong totally dramatic over the wedding, Teigen adorned her towel wedding dress with a veil. She kissed Legend and the two were declared man and wife.

"Every single thing about my wedding was perfect. Like, I know I'm gonna win. It was beautiful, I'm so happy. It was incredible. I know I'm gonna win, I just know it," she said in her story as she parodied the ceremony.

Later, in another video based on the concept of the show, a man steps down from a black Audi to present a bouquet to the winner, where Teigen is shown losing to someone else.