Coronavirus Outbreak: Doctor drives 540 km to help eight-year-old patient, family reach home amid lockdown

A doctor in Kolkata’s SSKM Hospital became a Good Samaritan for an eight-year-old girl and her family, by helping them reach home amid the nationwide lockdown. The girl, suffering from intestinal obstruction was discharged from the hospital on March 23 but had to wait back in the hospital premises with her family due to the lockdown, The Times of India reported.

The girl, Angela, was waiting with her parents in the hospital premises for two days after her discharge when Bablu Sardar, an anaesthetist spotted them seeking help to go back home. The family was bargaining with an ambulance driver who was charging them as high as Rs 14,000, which they could not afford. Sardar, moved by the family’s condition, approached Angela’s father, Rajesh Baskey, who worked as a daily labourer in a stone crushing unit, offering them to drive them home.

“I could understand that due to lack of money the family was unable to reach home. Though her parents were with her at the hospital, she had a younger sister alone at home. Baskey told me that a week ago, two of his brothers had died. I could understand the condition of the family,” Sardar was quoted saying.

Sardar, who was supposed to report to work at 10am the next day, decided to drive them home without having his dinner “We started at 9pm from SSKM Hospital and reached Sulunga, which is exactly 270km away, around 3am. We only had to face police interception at Illambazar, where I narrated the story and there was no trouble on the way," he said.

As Sardar was earlier posted in Dubrajpur, he knew the way to Illambazar, after which it was a difficult task to reach to the family’s village near Jharkhand border, as he was driving 15 km in from the state highway. He said that the family could not afford to offer me a cup of tea, but it was worth the effort after watching Angelas smile when they reached home.