Gulnora Mukhedinova- Fashion CEO Is all psyched up to move forward

With her elegant and consummate skills, after enthralling the hearts of the untold number of fashionistas in Dubai, Gulnora Mukhedinova has benchmarked the niche as an Oracle and has been solicited to make her business rise to cloud nine. Her prominence has pushed all her limits and has designated her as unexcelled, the doyenne is all set to climb to the zenith.

Procuring the Membership at Ambassador of International Peace and after sponsoring Miss Arab Beauty Contest-2018, she is is an ambitious woman with love of art, fashion and beauty , Gulnora is a Diploma Holder at Tourism College in Arts and is currently studying at French Fashion Institute ESMOD in Dubai.


Unveiling Baravia Beauty Center in 2015 and Baravia Fashion in 2018 she has consummate skills and knowledge has commenced the mentioned industry and boutique. Her long term stratagem is to succeed unambiguously by working hard. With the hobbies of a normal personage and yet proving to be an ingenious personage is in itself an unprecedented task. She likes International Travel, Horse riding, singing, swimming, Tennis and sports lover.

The luminary is expected to be a ginormous success in this industry. We wish her an unstoppable success and hope she rises to the zenith!!