I want to leave my depressive boyfriend

DR LOveMy boyfriend has been suffering from depression for a few years now. He makes progress every now and again because he has a therapist, but then he quickly relapses, and this takes a huge toll on our relationship. We have been together for around three years now, and I think I have been very supportive so far. It is starting to become a problem lately though, and I am afraid it is now affecting my own mental health. I have been thinking of leaving him, but my friends may think I am cruel if I do this. I don't know how much longer our relationship will last anyway, because he is not going to change. What should I do?

The only two people who can comment on a relationship are the people in it. Your friends may have their opinions but can't comment on the state of your mental health. You owe it to yourself to stay physically and mentally healthy, and you are the best person to take a call on whether this is harming you in any way. It will be difficult for your boyfriend, of course, but you have to decide if you want to make that sacrifice to save a relationship that you believe has no future. If you don't see yourself being with him, it may be better to end it sooner rather than later, because delaying it will only make this harder for him to accept.

I don't really have a problem with the guy I am dating, except for the fact that he is awful at texting. He is great when we meet in person but, when we are not together, he doesn't bother responding to messages on Facebook or WhatsApp for days. This becomes frustrating after a while. What can I do to fix it?

This may come as a surprise to you, but human beings once managed to communicate without access to social media platforms. If you want to chat, call him. Not texting regularly is hardly a flaw.

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