Mumbai: BMC wants a touch of heritage at Fort junctions, too

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation wants the Fort's rich heritage and architecture to be prominently displayed on the area's junctions.

While A ward office has been making efforts to ensure that the streets reflect the architecture of the area, the BMC's heritage department has advised the traffic department to beautify the junctions and remove any eyesores.

The Department of Road Traffic has thus planned to install at every Fort junction, its old and new photographs along with a trivia about it. The BMC will source the old photos of the Fort area and its junctions from its own archives.

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The traffic department was supposed to take care of the signage and boards in the Fort Precinct, when suggestions to add heritage value were made, said officials. However, they are yet to finalise the junctions for the project, they added.

The display boards will be along the lines of the signage and boards installed near Mahalaxmi Temple.

For Hutatma Chowk and Horniman Circle, old and new pictures displayed on the boards at the junctions. A brief history about the two junctions would also be mentioned on the boards for citizens and tourists.

An official from the traffic department said, "We will soon list out the junctions where new signage and boards will be installed, reflecting the heritage value of the Fort area. We want to transform all the junctions in this area, but we will start with a few initially."