Mumbai Crime: Jailed criminal demands ransom via WhatsApp

The Kurar police on Tuesday booked notorious criminal Uday Pathak in another extortion case after he demanded Rs 5 lakh from a local cable operator through a ransom letter on WhatsApp.

The police have also arrested Wadala resident Mohammed Ayub, 24, whose phone was used by Pathak to send the letter.

According to police sources, Ayub and Pathak met in Arthur Road Jail where the 24-year-old was lodged in an attempt to murder case a couple of years back.

On Tuesday, Ayub had gone to the Mumbai sessions court following summons by the court, where Pathak was also present.

"During their meeting, Pathak told Ayub to call the victim. Accordingly, Ayub called and demanded money. However, the victim disconnected the call following which, Pathak sent him a two-page extortion letter on WhatsApp," said a police source from Kurar.

Later, Pathak told Ayub to delete the messages. But, Ayub approached the Kurar police station and showed them the images and the call recording.

The Kurar cops immediately registered the case and detained the accused from Wadala on Thursday.

So far, 12 serious cases including an attempt to murder and extortion case have been registered against Pathak from 1998 to 2011. He was arrested in 2011 for killing four people.