129 drivers booked for speeding

More than 100 drivers were booked for speeding from 6am Saturday morning to 6am this morning.

According to Police, 129 drivers were booked for speeding with the Western Division recording the highest number of bookings with 83 reports.

Police say the Southern Division recorded 24 bookings, 15 in the North and 7 in the East.

“Seatbelts are proven to prevent injury or death in a motor vehicle accident, however it is worrying that traffic officers continue to book people for failing to wear a seatbelt,” Police said.

“Forty-one people bookings were recorded, and again the Western Division had the highest number of bookings with 38 reports, two in the Southern Division and one in the Northern Division.

“The worrying trend of drunk driving continues, as six drivers were arrested during the 24-hour reporting period.

“The Western, Southern and Eastern Divisions all recorded two cases each.

“We will continue to issue road safety advice because accidents are preventable if everyone plays their part in complying with traffic laws.”