BAF issues termite alert – Protect your homes, residents advised

Residents of termite infested communities in Lautoka and Labasa have been warned to protect their homes against swarms leaving their nests during this time of the year.

Biosecurity Authority of Fiji acting CEO Surend Pratap said the authority was continually creating awareness on the issue of the Asian Subterranean Termites (AST) to assist with containment efforts.

“People need to be mindful of the following, not to move host material (soil, wooden materials, firewood, pot plants, long term stored paper products and cotton blended clothing materials etc) from an AST infested area to non-infested areas in Fiji,” he said.

“Not to receive any host materials (soil, wooden materials, firewood, pot plants, long term stored paper and clothing materials etc) of AST in their properties from known AST affected regions in Fiji that has not been inspected and certified by BAF.

“All wooden materials are not to be placed directly on the ground or with direct contact with soil and to follow the Fiji National Code of Building – recommended construction specifications of buildings to resist termite activities.”

He said when swarming termites ventured out of a nest inside a home or from ground colonies that would try to squeeze through cracks and crevices in the walls and foundation to reach open air for the first time.

“Since swarming termites are attracted to light, they often can be found during their flights near windows or light fixtures.

“Termites swarm only after the colony reaches a certain maturity age, size and when weather conditions become conducive or optimal for their flight.

“The swarm of termites around your home indicates that there are active colonies in the vicinity.”