Chandra struggles to make ends meet during pandemic

A 63-Year-Old unemployed man says he is doing all he can to try and send his daughter back to school in 2021.

Vimal Chandra of Nukuboco settlement in Khalsa Rd, Nasinu, said COVID-19 had affected his family financially and they were struggling to make ends meet.

“It is going to be very difficult,” said Mr Chandra.

“I am self-employed and used to get some joinery works before but this COVID-19 pandemic has closed the doors of those job sites for me.

“I don’t get any job now and neither get any assistance from anywhere.”

Mr Chandra said his daughter Anamika Lal is supposed to be in Year 11 but he has not had the means to prepare her for school.

“She had L5/S1 spondylolisthesis and underwent spinal fusion and fixation surgery in 2017,” he said. “I am a senior citizen and have become sickly as well.

“I understand the importance of sending my child to school, that is why I am seeking help for her to go to school.”

Mr Chandra said they were getting some assistance from the social welfare department but it was not enough.