Concrete plant unable to meet demand

The Central Division has only one asphaltic concrete plant which is unable to meet the demand for road repair works.

This, according to Fiji Roads Authority acting CEO Kamal Prasad. He made the comment in response to questions on the poor state of a section of Princes Rd in Tamavua, Suva.

“These sections were marked for asphaltic concrete surfacing with the thin membrane seal placed in the interim which is supposed to be covered in a fortnight,” said Mr Prasad.

He said because of the delay in asphaltic concrete supply, the section of Princes Rd in question had deteriorated.

“We will rework and resurface these sections once the bitumen supply has been restored.

“There is only one asphaltic concrete plant in the Central Division which is not able to meet the demand.”

Asphaltic concrete or bitumen is a composite surfacing material used in sealed road construction.

It can be added as a seal to protect the base layers of a road or as a strong base to distribute wheel loads over the different layers of road construction.

Mr Prasad said bitumen supply should return to normal by January 12 and temporary road repairs would be carried out in the meantime.

“In the meantime we will fill the potholes with gravel.”