COVID-19: Fish supply steady despite lockdown – Kumar

Despite the challenges that come with the lockdown and curfew, Lautoka fishermen are trying to meet customer demand and make a decent living.

Anish Kumar said despite the movement restrictions and limit on the number of fishermen per vessel, there continued to be a steady supply of fresh fish at the Sugar City market.

“People are saying the price has gone up but it hasn’t,” the middleman from Tavakubu said.

“We are selling at the normal price, which is what people can afford.”

He said under the restrictions, only two fishermen were allowed per boat and they were only allowed to fish in the day.

“They aren’t coming back with much, but they are doing their best.”

Mr Kumar said customers complaining about the high price should take into account the difficulties fishermen were facing.

“These are the same people who go and buy a packet of cigarette without complaining.

“With the fish they can feed their whole family.”