COVID-19: Home care not enough for severe cases – Dr Fong

Dr James Fong, the permanent secretary for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services in Fiji, says home care will not be enough for those most at risk of severe COVID-19.

He reasoned those cases will need clinical teams to respond if and when their conditions deteriorate.

Dr Fong said over the past few weeks, the overwhelming majority of COVID-19 deaths had been in the most vulnerable members of the community.

And he said most of those cases were either in a critical condition or had already passed away when they were first seen by health teams, adding they may have been saved if they were attended to much earlier.

“We know many families are valiantly trying to care for their loved ones at home, but for those who are most at risk of severe COVID-19, home care won’t be enough,” Dr Fong said last night.

“These individuals need their oxygen levels closely monitored, likely need access to supplemental oxygen, as well as clinical teams to rapidly respond if their condition deteriorates.

“So please, if you or someone you are caring for has COVID-19 symptoms and are at high risk of severe COVID-19, please let us help you to have the best chance of recovery.”