COVID-19: Medical teams repriotise focus to protect those at risk of severe infection

Given the rapidly evolving situation, medical teams have been working round the clock to reprioritise and focus efforts to ensure they are protecting those most at risk of severe COVID-19 and dying, says Ministry of Health permanent secretary Dr James Fong.

He said those included the elderly, people with existing medical conditions and pregnant women.

Dr Fong says those shifts included changes to testing services, home quarantine guidance, ensuring provision of life-saving medical care to those people who are most at risk and establishing vaccination for pregnant women.

“But we need your cooperation because saving lives from COVID-19 depends on your adherence to the rules and your understanding as much as ever,” he said in his COVID-19 announcement this evening.

Dr Fong said over the past few weeks, the overwhelming majority of COVID-19 deaths have been in our most vulnerable community members.

He said when their health teams first saw those patients, most of them were either in a critical condition or had already passed away.

“If our health teams were able to see these patients earlier, we may have been able to save them.”