De-silting works commissioned for dams in Nadi

Fiji’s Minister for Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy commissioned the de-silting works for Nawaka Dam 1 and 2 in Vatutu Village in Nadi yesterday.

Dr Reddy said de-silting was important because the build-up of silt and debris in retention dams would lead to the reduction of the volume of rivers and streams.

“Reduced capacity of the waterways would result in spilling of water outside the waterways and, therefore, our villages, infrastructure, households and business sector living downstream, all would get affected,” he said.

He added that with the cyclone season looming, it was expected to bring in heavy rainfall that would lead to severe flooding, and “emergency creek de-silting” was important.

“If the Nadi town is flooded, it will not only affect the business community but it will also affect all of us upstream who are using the town.

“We need to de-silt and empty this dam so that it could perform its core function to retain water and release it slowly should there be heavy rain.”