Delay in roadworks

Delay in the supply of bitumen has resulted in delays to roadworks on Delainavesi Rd, says Fiji Roads Authority acting CEO Kamal Prasad.

“Works were scheduled to commence on Delainavesi Rd today (08/01), however, due to bitumen supply issues, we are temporarily patching potholes,” he said.

He said FRA was aware of the dismal state of the road and had scheduled rehabilitation works that were due to start yesterday.

On Wednesday, January 6, this newspaper spoke to Suresh Prasad, a cabbie based at Delainavesi for more than 10 years.

“When I first came to Delainavesi, the road was not that bad, over the years it just deteriorated,” he said.

“Year by year it just got worse and now it is very bad, full of potholes.”

He said because of road conditions, not just in Delainavesi, he had to replace wheel components on his taxi.

“There are about 20 other drivers at this base and we are all suffering.”

The Fiji Times also spoke to Shore Buses Ltd owner, Jasper Singh, who said his buses had to have parts changed frequently because of the poor road condition.

“It is really bad. Springs, suspensions and other undercarriage components are very easily damaged along with tyres,” said Mr Singh.

However, Mr Singh also said he was grateful for the work that FRA had done on Nasevou St that leads from Lami Town to Qauia settlement, a trunk route for Shore Buses.