FEO: 662, 615 registered voters

There are 662,615 registered voters in the country and the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) projects there will be 670,000 voters when we go to polls in the 2022 General Election, says FEO operations director Anaseini Seinimoli.

She said last year the FEO conducted a cleaning and adjudication exercise, which was done regularly to maintain an accurate National Register of Voters.

“To this end, we obtain records from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry, Fiji Corrections Service, Fiji National Provident Fund and the Department of Immigration and we run this data that we receive from these institutions against the data that we already hold in the FEO database,” she said.

“Mostly, we are attempting to obtain data from these institutions for deceased persons, from the corrections service, we receive data for inmates who are in prison for more than two years or who have been released after having served their imprisonment.

“And from the Immigration Department, it is mostly to confirm citizenship or those who have renounced citizenship. And that is the number that has been affected against the data that we already have.”

The adjudication exercise showed the total number of voters on the National Register of Voters, as at November 30, 2021, stood at 662,615 voters and this was expected to reach 670,000 by the time of the election.