FNU offers Master of Education program

The Fiji National University (FNU) is offering a Master of Education via coursework program commencing in Semester 2 this year.

Offered through FNU’s College of Humanities and Education (CHE), the program is specifically designed for educators who want to develop and extend their proficiency in education, study contemporary education issues and learn about new developments in the education sector.

According to Head of School Education Dr Victor Alasa,  the program enhances teachers’ insight into theoretical and practical backgrounds of evolving education sphere.

“This course enables graduates to gain advanced knowledge, experience, skills, attitudes, appropriate dispositions and values for further education and professional work in education or training,” said Dr Alasa in a statement from the university.

“The program is relevant for experienced educators, leaders, and future leaders of education to boost their teachers’ knowledge and practice and foster their understanding of educational theory and research.”

The Master of Education is a stair-cased program aimed to prepare the candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program.

Dr Alasa believes that it is important for teachers to understand the challenges of meeting the needs of contemporary students.

“To keep up with the transforming education landscape, FNU’s master of education qualifications trains teachers to meet the needs of their students better. It also gives teachers the tools needed to reach students, better engage and manage classroom while improving educational outcomes of students.

“With the current pandemic, educators must understand the real classroom experience as well as leadership, curriculum development, and how to best engage with students and parents.”

This program can be completed over a minimum of two years.