Grandmother helps duo

Esther Vulimailodoni, 10, spends her days helping her grandmother sell bananas so the family can earn enough to buy her and her siblings’ school stationery.

Ms Vulimailodoni and her elder brother, Ilaitia, spent their school holiday in Lami with their grandmother, Melania Moqeibau.

They were preparing to return to their home in Taveuni before the new school year began.

“After TC Yasa, family and relatives in Cakaudrove are slowly piecing their lives back together and I help by trying to earn enough to get some of my grandchildren’s school stationery while they are here in Qauia with me,” said Ms Moqeibau.

“Besides the bananas and root crops I sell here, I have been weaving and hopefully, I can sell that to buy what I can for my grandchildren.

“My grandchildren’s parents are separated and it’s a struggle to raise children single-handedly so I’m trying to help.

“I have managed to buy something so far and hopefully we make enough to buy the rest of their school stuff.”

She said a lot of parents were struggling to get their children ready for school.