Island in water crisis

Villagers on Malolo Island are facing a water crisis and are hoping to be assisted with sufficient supply of drinking water to meet their daily needs.

Malolo district representative Maleli Aciri said there was no rain on the island these past three months and this had worsen the situation on the villages of Solevu, Yaro, Tavua and Yanuya. And the unemployment situation on the island has made life more difficult because villagers could no longer afford to buy bottled water from the mainland.

“We need urgent assistance especially with our drinking water supply,” Mr Aciri said.

“Most of us rely on the borehole and village wells during such times but they are slowly drying up and so are the water tanks that individual homes own.

“Most schoolchildren are now coming to the village to fetch their daily drinking water because the school water tank has run dry.”

Mr Aciri said villagers on the entire island of Malolo were in urgent need of drinking water as consuming water from other sources was unsafe.

He also pleaded with relevant authorities to look into their plight especially those of their younger children who attend the three schools on the island daily.

“To the Government and the organisations that can assist, please help our children first, they are the ones who suffer the most from this water crisis,” Mr Aciri pleaded.