Look Back: Skin diver assist in search

A skin-diver, David Evans of Suva dived in the murky waters of the Rewa River near Baulevu to search for the body of a woman who was reported missing on September 1969.

In assisting the police in their search, Mr Evan searched in the murky waters only to find nothing.

The search was reported by this newspaper on Friday, September 19, 1969.

The report highlighted that the search was ordered from the police headquarters in Suva after a woman and a girl had reported seeing a white object in the pool while they were diving for kai (freshwater mussels) at the river.

Nacokoika villager Venaisi Drugua told The Fiji Times reporter that she and a girl had seen the object on separate occasions about a fortnight ago.

“I was in about 25ft of water when I saw the object,” she said.

“It was roughly about 5ft in length and white and was roughly the shape of a woman.”

Mrs Drugua said she was frightened and swam to the surface when she saw the figure in the water.

Mereoni Warai also of Nacokoika saw the object about two days later and told the villagers.

The police search party, under deputy superintendent W. Mohammed of the CID at Suva, left the area after a search.

Residents in the area said that a married woman disappeared mysteriously from her house in Baulevu around February that year.

“Her disappearance was reported to the police by her husband,” they said.

Despite police inquiries throughout the colony, no trace had been found of her whereabouts.