‘Travellers need to be fully vaccinated’

Travellers along the Queens and Kings roads need to be fully vaccinated.

This, according to the Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr James Fong.

He said the ministry would soon publish the vaccination rates of all areas along the Kings and Queens highways and other major routes.

“For those wishing to sell produce along with Queens and Kings, we expect vendors and travellers to be fully vaccinated, wear masks appropriately at all times, and practise hand hygiene,” he said.

“We will publish the vaccination rates of all areas along the King and Queen’s highways and other major routes, so that travellers know which areas are safest to stop to take a rest, fill in fuel, buy vegetables, coconuts to drink, or hot corn or barbecue to eat.

“The exchange of goods and money needs to follow protocols provided by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.”

Dr Fong said everyone must read that list carefully before heading anywhere on Viti Levu.

“Our advice is to avoid areas with lower vaccination coverage.”