Villagers engage in clean up

After recording six leptospirosis cases last month, more than 1900 villagers have engaged in a 14-day clean-up in Nagado, Nadi.

Village headman Alekisa Ranadali said the villagers had been tasked with the clearing out of rubbish and debris and to ensure their yards were clear of disease-causing insects.

“Government officials visited the village and ordered us to clear out any rubbish that could breed mosquitoes,” he said.

“We started our clean-up campaign last Wednesday and over the past few days we have been doing nothing but clearing out waterways and getting rid of all of our rubbish.

“It has been very encouraging to see all our people working together to clean up our village.”

Mr Ranadali said the six leptospirosis cases had recovered. “They were admitted at the Nadi Hospital and were sent home once they recovered.

“At the moment, everyone is safe and healthy and, as a community, we are working together to make sure that we don’t have any more cases.”

He said regular check-ups were being done by staff members of the Health Ministry, assisted by soldiers from the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

“They visited us earlier this week and also helped in our clean-up campaign.”